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Welcome to Academy!

Here we make finance simple, fun and engaging with interactive video-learning. Let’s embark on a fin-tastic journey and dive into the sea of financial wisdom. 

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alt 2022

All Things Tax

Navigate the tax maze with ease! Uncover Income Tax 101, demystify jargon with Terms for Beginners, and choose between Old or New Regimes.

Seasons 2
Episodes 11
Durations 0.6 hrs
alt 419

All Things Credit

Unlock the world of credit! From picking the perfect card to savvy loan management, navigate wisely.

Seasons 5
Episodes 25
Durations 1.1 hrs
alt 608

The Universe of Investments

Explore the investment cosmos! From beginner's guides to sharp-witted strategies, explore India's treasure trove of options.

Seasons 2
Episodes 14
Durations 0.8 hrs
Frequently Asked Questions
We at Academy aim to impart knowledge on finance with the intention of increasing India’s financial literacy from the current 27%. With our simplified all video-learning approach, you can now gain a better understanding of financial concepts at your fingertips.
The video content on Academy is structured under categories such as Series, Seasons, Episodes and Bites. Each Series is broadly classified into Seasons that are further divided into Episodes. Episodes are generally 3-4 minutes long that provide an elaborate explanation on a particular topic. Bites, on the other hand, are 50 seconds long and give you quick financial information.
On Academy, you can access a range of videos that educate you on financial aspects for free. Additionally, the interactions provided on our videos can help you explore a wide variety of financial products without any hassle. Moreover, you can also share these videos on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, X, WhatsApp, and Instagram.
Academy is a financial education hub that contains videos on credit cards, loans, FDs, and so on. It also touches upon topics like income tax, credit score, and managing investments that are at the heart of any successful financial plan.
Academy’s interactive user interface makes learning about finance a fun activity. This is accompanied with the added advantage that you can watch, learn, and share, all kinds of financial content, under one roof.
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